Groundworks is thrilled to introduce a collection of texturally stunning fabrics and trimmings by artist, activist and author Mary Fisher. Drawing inspiration from her talent as a visual artist and her activism on behalf of those affected by HIV/AIDS, Fisher has created an exceptional collection that taps into her deep relationship with nature, evoking the beauty of life both visually and spiritually. Fisher’s collection is layered with a variety of organic motifs and intricate artisanal techniques reflecting her mixed media art. Her unique process uses different methods with a variety of materials one on top of the other. From dip-dying to needlework to painting, she creates striking works of art that have been translated into fabrics for the collection.

Her watercolor paintings, textile collages, and quilted artworks come to life through her exclusive collection of printed, woven and embroidered fabrics and trimmings. The designs are rendered in an array of misty blues and aquas, nuanced mineral shades, sandy neutrals and shimmering metallic hues.

“My color palette probably owes a good deal to my many years of work in Africa and my affection for the American Southwest,” said Fisher. “Even when I don’t intend it, I sometimes see a design I recognize from Zambia or Uganda, or a color that’s right out of the Red Rocks of Sedona.”

The sophisticated, subdued color palettes and unique patterns deliver an expressive collection rich in texture and profound in emotion.

A portion of the proceeds from the collection will be donated to the Design Industry Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA). Said Cary Kravet, “Mary Fisher’s commitment to philanthropy infuses every aspect of her life and her art. Her work for, with, and on behalf of the AIDS community both in the U.S. and abroad is unparalleled in scope. Donating a portion of the proceeds from Mary’s Groundworks fabric collection to DIFFA was a natural way for us to honor her commitment to the cause of AIDS awareness, treatment and prevention.”
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