Abataka is a pan-African term for "belonging" and "community"

Artist Mary Fisher Abataka Foundation Life Skills Program women artisans Africa
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Abataka Foundation

The Abataka Foundation works locally and globally to promote the arts, support economic and social equality for women and girls, and encourage scientific research.

Artist Mary Fisher Abataka Foundation Life Skills Program women artisans Africa

Educational Gallery Group

Co-founded 15 years ago in Florida by Mary Fisher and a group of visual arts teachers, EG2 is a non-profit that supports young artists and educators through creative development and fostering of the arts.  EG2 is honored to be the regional affiliate for the Scholastic National Art and Writing Awards.

Service through Speeches

Known as an outspoken advocate who uses her voice in service to others, Ms. Fisher fuses artistry to advocacy and personal passion to purpose, expressing her life’s truths through speaking at public events and for notable groups.

The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet

The 100 Good Deeds Bracelet offers one hundred opportunities to share kindness in our communities.  Each purchase helps vulnerable women who make the bracelet because work gives earnings, dignity and freedom.  We can change the world, one deed, one bead, one act of kindness at a time.

Good Deed Jewelry Collection

The Good Deed Jewelry Collection is designed by Mary Fisher and handmade by artisans in Zambia.  In addition to shouldering everything from HIV to tuberculosis to malaria to cancer, they are all survivors.  What each artisan’s story reminds us is that we need one another and that lives can be changed by our good deeds.

Advocate as Author

Mary Fisher is the author of six books available through the Abataka Foundation:

  •  My Name is Mary: A Memoir
  •  Angels in Our Midst
  •  Sleep With the Angels
  •  I’ll Not Go Quietly
  •  Messenger: A Self-Portrait